My Way, Appropriating

by studiovendome

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Studio Vendome is pleased to announce My Way, Appropriating, an evening of art and performances.

Performances by
Crystal Curtis
Jason Martin
Lady Starlight
Rachel Mason

On October 5, 2013 at 5pm
330 Spring Street, NYC
Curated by Vanessa Albury, Associate Director

Crystal Curtis, Jason Martin, Lady Starlight and Rachel Mason will perform in response to Geoffrey Mossʼ painting directly and indirectly. My Way, Appropriating bridges two generations of artistic practices through shared interests in forms, politics, history and image-making. Crystal Curtis will perform “Why is Andre Breton Such an Asshole?” a 10-minute, lecture-style performance that’s has evolved over the last 12 months. Because the founder of Surrealism not only “broke Tristan Tzara’s heart” but also “broke up the band,” Crystal reflects on his brazen behavior to explore leadership, influence, and power. Jason Martin will present gender and species queer animal-human glam hybrid interpretations of Mossʼ work through movement and situation. Lady Lady Starlight, well-known for her collaborations with Lady Gaga, will present a sound-based response to Mossʼ paintings. Rachel Mason’s character FutureClown will enter a trance induced by mashup of presidential speeches set to a dance track followed by the song, Blue Prelude on acoustic guitar.

Geoffrey Mossʼ current show titled Inappropriate Appropriations at Studio Vendome and his career as a Pulitzer-Prize-nominated political cartoonist are the source of inspiration for the evening of performances. Mossʼ works are inspired by Japanese shunga painting found in ukiyo-e color woodblock prints of the 17th and 18th centuries. Geoffrey Moss has led double lives for fifty years. The public knows him for his instantly recognizable style of searing political cartoons that appeared in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post for decades. Graduating with an MFA from Yale in 1964, Moss painted throughout his career and avoided exhibiting his paintings until now. Mossʼ oil paintings and mixed media on paper will be on view at Studio
Vendome through Oct 12th.

Join us for an engaging evening of performances art and the paintings of Geoffrey Moss.