Harry Bertschmann visited by Greg Beechler

by studiovendome



The video by Greg Beechler gives us a quick view into Harry Bertschmann’s process.  Upon visiting Bertschmann’s studio, Beechler immediately recognizes what he sees as a Swiss Influence.  Beechler states that Bertschmann’s paintings have “careful proportions” and contain a “limited” set of rules in which Bertschmann uses as a guide when creating the paintings.  Beechler’s tone seems to reveal his admiration in regards to Bertschmann’s use of “committed lines” with in the works.  Although his paintings sometimes tell us a story of hard edge and line, Bertschmann describes his process very differently.

Bertschmann speaks of his lack of need for a manifesto.  In regards to artists having a manifesto, he stated, “you might as well be stamping letters at the post office.”  In the video, we see Bertschmann at work in his studio.  It is through constant production and evaluation of his work where he finds content via detection of the elements that he produces.   Beechler quizzes Bertschmann about his varying form and line qualities by dividing them into two categories, hard edge and soft edge.  Bertschmann describes how these elements evolve through his process and inevitably end up in one of the two sub categories in regards to their relationship with the background and foreground.

Harry Bertschmann’s work is on view at Studio Vendome and Studio Vendome Projects now thru February 22, 2014